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Learn the Philosophy of Freedom

An in depth study of the case of Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe brought on by money printing and poor government choices and what America has failed to learn. 

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Each week we will find a topic which has been written from the perspective of an author who subscribes to the conventional ideals espoused within the left right paradigm and I will refute it using common sense and the principles of freedom.

The Founders of America envisioned a government that protects individual liberty but as we creep closer to Totalitarian collectivism, are you really free?

Taxation is immoral because it is theft.  If it is morally wrong for you to steal then why do we allow the government to do it? Learn why they are getting away with it.

Other resources across the internet to help you understand the truth about the totalitarian agenda, the loss of freedom, and the destruction of individual liberty.

Ron Paul              

Due to the history of retained purchasing power of precious metals, many economists recommend diversifying your portfolio with physical gold and silver.  

If you are interested in the cause of Liberty, whether just starting or already convinced, these are the 10 books you must read. 

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Taxation is an art.  The government must spend more then they tax in order to give the illusion the people are getting value for their money. In order to keep us apathetic they tax just enough to avoid resistance. This is why they use the deceptive tax of inflation.

Articles on current events relative to the effects government has on your freedom.  Check back frequently to understand how the statists are taking us to the brink of totalitarianism

The Federal Reserve is a scam. America's privately owned Central Bank operates in secrecy and as been slowly destroying the value of the dollar since its birth in 1913.

The government lies.  The mainstream media reports the lies.  The lies are recorded as history and passed down from generation to generation.  

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies."

  It has become apparent that much of society today has lived most of there lives with a news media that reports irresponsibly at best and at worst complicit in creating the problems of our society.